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Friday, September 22, 2023

Parent-Teacher Conference

Henry’s son had recently started school, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Ever since his wife passed away, affording daycare on a single dad’s salary had been expensive. His son would come home each day with a smile. All seemed well.

But a month in, the teacher scheduled a regular parent-teacher conference with each individual parent. She began to explain how Henry’s son was struggling due to the loss of his mother. It was hard for a kid without a female role model. Henry explained between work and taking care of his son, Henry had no time to date. The teacher was certainly sympathetic.

As things wrapped up, a weird flash engulfed the classroom. The next thing Henry realized, he had swapped bodies with his son’s teacher! They were both confused, but they quickly decided they would both go back to Henry’s house. Trying to decide what to do next would be a challenge. Henry for sure didn’t know anything about being a teacher, and the teacher was worried about how she was going to act as a father to Henry’s son. The next few days were sure going to be strange.

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