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Monday, September 11, 2023


Curtis woke up surrounded by weird technology that seemed to come from some sort of sci-fi movie. The bed he was on was like a hard piece of plastic. When he stood up, he felt awkward and off balance; it only took a few moments before he realized he was in a woman’s body. His jaw nearly dropped when the alien entered the room.

“I see you’ve awoken,” The alien said, “I hope everything is alright.”

“It’s not alright! This isn’t my body!” Curtis screamed at the alien.

The alien seemed taken aback. “All human bodies seemed fundamentally the same. We did extensive investigation, which is how yours was damaged. We scanned others of your species on the ground to make copies of the various parts your species has. They didn’t seem much different from what we scanned.”

“Oh, the parts are different! You’d better believe the parts are different! You need to change me back to normal.”

“I am afraid that is...impossible.”

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