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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Loving Wife (Part 2)

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Peter really wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself at first. For the first day, he just sat at home watching television, which he realized wasn’t exactly the best way to spend his time in the body of his own wife, that she had gifted him for the week. He eventually got himself up and headed to the mall, hoping for any ideas.

And the ideas started to come, but the problem was that anything he wanted to do, he wanted to do with Ayumi. But she was lying in the bed at the hospital in his body right now.

He decided he was going to go back to the hospital to demand they switch back. While he appreciated it, a final week of feeling alive didn’t mean much without her by her side.

And that’s when his cell phone rang.

It was the hospital. It seems his body had taken a sudden turn for the worse. He tried to rush as fast as he could, so he could use the charm to swap back. But by the time he arrived he was already too late. Ayumi had passed on while she was in his body, and now he was stuck in her body forever.

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