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Sunday, September 3, 2023


Eric was walking by a playground when he noticed some children playing wildly. He normally wouldn’t get involved, but he was pretty sure they were going to get hurt, and the mother standing there just didn’t seem to care.

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” He said to her, “I think your children might need your attention.”

“They ain’t my kids,” The woman replied.

“Well, if you aren’t the mother, then you must be the nanny or an aunt or something?”


“But you’re the only adult here!”

“Well, you’re here. Why don’t YOU look after them? I just got here myself. I had just been sitting in a class at my college, watching soem boring demonstration, and then ZAP! I’m here in the park. I’m some old, fat woman! I’m a dude on a track scholarship, and now instead I’m some old, fat woman! So, you see, I got enough of my own problems instead of worrying about some damned kids. I’m just trying to figure out which way the university is from here.”

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