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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Expose (Part 3)

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Dr. Baxter finished working just before dawn and turned to Amy, “I think it’s ready. There’s certainly risk involved. Do you still want to try?”

Amy nodded, and Dr. Baxter powered the machine up. It seemed to be whirring and sputtering this time. When the flash happened this time, Amy passed out.

She awoke a litle later, but she was unfortunately still inside Dr. Baxter’s body. Her own body seemed to be missing. She heard a noise and went to investigate. Her body was there wearing coveralls and holding a mop, cleaning the floor.

“Hola, SeƱor Baxter,” Her body said with a Spanish accent, “I found myself like this next to you. I tried to wake you up, but you didn’t get up. So I put on my uniform and went to work.”

It seemed a janitor was now inside Amy’s body, and luckily Dr. Baxter in the janitor’s body soon arrived.

“I must have miscalculated,” He explained, “You two both need to leave and return tonight. I can continue my work to fix things with this body. No one will ever suspect the janitor. Now, go!”

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