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Thursday, August 17, 2023


Grant shot an evil eye in Tina’s direction across the gym. He wasn’t sure she even noticed; she seemed to be enjoying herself too much in his body. When they had first swapped, she seemed disgusted to be in nerdy male body. It wasn’t like he wanted to be a woman either, but at least Tina’s body was hot! It would’ve seemed insane if she had given up her body on purpose just to steal his.

Yet, as the weeks passed, Tina had started to get Grant’s former body in quite good shape. And maybe stealing his body wasn’t even the true goal. After all, she had to pick up his high paying job as well, which she seemed to do effortlessly. Meanwhile, Grant was stuck in Tina’s job as a part-time bartender and struggling actress.

He had hoped the whole thing was temporary and accidental, but the more he watched her, the more he was less sure. As much as he never wanted to be Tina, he guessed it was finally time to fully embrace it. He could pick up a few extra shifts bartending; he could become the best possible actress he couldbe, maybe even make a career out of it. Sure, dealing with all the complexities of being a woman for the rest of his life could be challenging, but when was he ever afraid of hard work?

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