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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Antiques (Part 2)

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“I’m sorry,” Kevin said standing up on the other side of the store; he was now inside the body of the store’s owner, “I guess we didn’t see it.”

“Well, the rules exist for a reason!” The store owner in Kevin’s body retorted, “It was likely take me months to locate another artifact that will undo this.”

“Months!? But I can’t go to work in your body!”

“No, you most certainly cannot. You have my body, so you need to tend to my shop.”

“I can’t --”

“This is your screw up. I will be working overtime to fix it. If you do not help, those months turn to years.”

Kevin looked over at his wife, hoping she’d signal something with her body language. It took him a few moments to remember she had swapped with his brother. Sure enough, Kyle’s body was nodding, so Kevin agreed he would help out in the shop, truly terrified that he would be stuck in this body for a few months.

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