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Friday, August 11, 2023


Rhys sat nervously on the bed as he waited for Aiden to arrive. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do, but he ran through the weird series of events that brought him to this point. It had all started one day at work when he felt sick. By the next day, he had been transformed into a woman somehow. Not being sure what to do, he posted to social media for help. A few female friends offered to give him some clothes that fit, he was thankful. And then there was Aiden.

According to his profile, Aiden had gone to the same high school, but Rhys didn’t recognize him. Aiden explained he was a scientist, and actually had done research into spontaneous changing of genders; he even had a cure. Though he warned Rhys the cure may be unpleasant.

Rhys begged Aiden to help him out. And Aiden had to explain the cure could only be injected through intercourse. Rhys was hesitant, but desperate. And that’s why he was waiting for Aiden now. Rhys couldn’t believe he was going to sleep with a guy, but if it meant returning to normal, it would be worth it.

After it was over, Rhys asked Aiden how long it would take to transform back. Aiden just laughed. He was an expert on spontaneous gender changes, and he had used that to transform Rhys in the first place. There was no changing back; there was no cure. Sleeping together had just been a way to humiliate Rhys, who had bullied Aiden in high school. And Aiden was mad that Rhys didn’t even seem to remember!

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  1. Daaaammmmnnnn.... Makes me wish I had been a bully in school!!!