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Monday, August 7, 2023

Shopping Trip

The last thing I wanted to do after the Great Shift plopped me into a woman’s body was go shopping. I didn’t have much of a choice as none of my men’s clothes fit me anymore and my wife was sick and tired of me stretching out her tops. The moment the stores opened, she insisted I go out.

As I browsed the shelves, I realized I didn’t know much about my new body and approached a clerk for help. The guy looked at me with a bit of anger in his eyes that I coulnd’t figure out at first.

“Well, first of all,” The clerk said, “This is the men’s section. You need to be in the women’s section. And even there, you probably won’t find anything that fits. With a body like yours, you probably need something custom, or at least have things altered.”

“Wow! Thanks! How do you know so much?” I asked.

“Because that used to be MY body!”

My eyes lit up, and I smiled, “Oh, my God! Then you can really help me! You can tell me exactly what size I am! And maybe I could have some of your old clothes? I know its pretty common for people to give their clothes to the people that got shifted into their body!”

I should’ve realized she was pretty upset about losing her body. Instead of replying, she just shot me a death stare. When I finally walked away, I could’ve sworn I heard her crying.

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