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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Game (Part 3)

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Emma hoped the break was just watching some TV or something, but her friends wanted to go out to a club. Normally, Emma would be all down for that -- she loved the club -- but given the current situation, she was a little concerned. However, it also made sense. All her friends looked like her, it seemed they were also somewhat acting like how she would as well! They borrowed some of Emma’s clothes and went out.

Emma would have to admit that it was the most fun she ever had going out with her friends. Tricia was often self-conscious about her appearance, Jackson sort of hated the club, and Nick was always annoying hitting on women. But none of that tonight! Instead, they were actually all able to have a good time.

But when Emma suggested they go home and finish the game, her three friends looked puzzled.

“What game?” Jackson asked.

Nick added, “What are you talking about? Just relax and have fun, Emma!”

Now Emma was really worried.

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