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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Only One

Henry thought the Great Shift might have been easier for him if he wasn’t the only one he knew who ended up in a body that was overweight. But no, it seemed like everyone he knew ended up in a body that was not only slim but also really attractive.

His best friend, Jim, for instance? He found out the body he was now in used to be a model before the Shift. He had even gotten an offer to walk the runway wearing a bikini for Fashion Week in her place.

His girlfriend? Or maybe he should say ex-girlfriend now? Well, she wasn’t happy to be in a guy’s body, but it was certainly a buff, attractive body. It hadn’t taken her long to think of herself as too good to be dating Henry.

And so Henry was just feeling very isolated and alone. He told himself he probably wouldn’t have minded being overweight or a woman, but it was just the steady reminders about these things from just about everyone he knew.

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