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Friday, August 4, 2023

Putting Their Heads Together (Part 2)

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Considering she wasn’t far from her apartment, Heather decided it was best to go back there with the man she had swapped bodies with.

He took off her coat and introduced himself. “My name is James...or it was, I guess my name is now...what?”

“Heather,” Heather replied.

“Well, for now, I’m Heather,” James said, “Unless you think bashing out heads together again right now is going to solve the problem?”

“It never does,” Heather said nervously, “At least not in the animes I watched where two people swap bodies.”

“Oh, clearly an expert source for body swapping! I’m guess you were on your way to work? What is it I am going to be doing for a living today?”


“I’ve done that. I think I can still handle it. I have to day off, so how about you chill here while I handle your shift for the day, then when I get back, we’ll find a way to swap back to normal?”

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