Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoot (Part 2)

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For most people, coping the situation was not so bad. They just continued their job in their new body. Being stuck in a model’s body, Daniel wasn’t so lucky. Tons of  hands adjusted the dress or his makeup and so on. The director of the shoot and the stylist came over to ask Daniel if he would be able to handle it. He shrugged. So far it hadn’t been so bad; he just stood there and let everyone else do the work. They all crossed their fingers that it would continue to go so smoothly once they actually started shooting.

Friday, October 12, 2012


The sudden change to his body came as a complete shock to Gustav. Such changes would probably be shocking to anyone. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but it soon became clear -- he was becoming a woman. And he wasn’t just becoming female, but his clothes all turned bright pink and became much more feminine. He couldn’t stop running his hands all over new body. It was a mix of shock and curiosity that gave him the impulse to do so. Everything about his new body (and clothes) just felt so soft! He really couldn’t keep his hands off his new body!

Alien adventure (Part 27)

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Jasmine asked if the aliens could beam her back to the ship. They were puzzled. They thought she would be happy back on her home planet. Home planet? Jasmine was shocked. She barely recognized anything until she made her way over a ridge and looked down to see a familiar highway with familiar cars. She nearly broke into tears. She was home! She was home, but it still seemed like a foreign world to her! She was a little more than distressed, and the aliens could tell by the quivering of her voice. They told her that if she needed anything, all she needed to do was ask. Jasmine simply requested that they stay close for now, until she decided what she wanted to do. The aliens agreed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


While the Great Shift caused panic everywhere, crowded places were a particularly chaotic. Shortly after the shift, the subways came to a jarring halt, leaving passengers stuck and forced to deal with the tensions of body swapping. Julio was a recent immigrant who spoke only a little english; now he was in the body of a blonde model with blue lipstick and green tights. The model, Talia, was in the body of a shorter, rounder dark-haired woman named Candice. She could only glare at her former body with pure anger. Meanwhile, Candice found herself in the body of a man with scruffy facial hair and a shaved head named Saul; she caught her new reflection in the glass of the door and was pleased. Saul was now in the body of Talia’s friend Frieda, another model standing not far away. And through the subway cars, the swaps continued. The tension building as time passed.

The prude (Part 4)

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Ryan continued to be excited as he explored Dr. Wong’s body. He figured as long as he was the one inside of it, he could do anything he wanted! He played a little with her breasts and couldn’t believe how sensitive they were! One thing that disappointed him was that he felt they were a little small. He thought about getting implants--well, he would if they weren’t able to find a way to swap back; if he was stuck inside her body forever. Then he realized he wanted to be stuck inside Dr. Wong’s body forever; he wondered if he could sabotage any attempts...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Run down (Part 1)

Sheila absolutely loved her job, and she always looked forward to a new assignment. She had taken the position when bodyswapping technology had first been invented two years ago. It was fairly straight forward and the salary was great. Clients would pay to switch bodies with her for a given period of time. She was currently meeting with a man named Rodney Lochery, who should would be swapping with very shortly. She never asked why the client wished to swap with her; it was none of her business. She certainly was curious. She didn’t swap with very many men. The ones who did were usually gay. Rodney seemed like an average dude. He didn’t seem very interested in what Sheila had to say about the swap. It was particularly odd considered they’d be swapped for a whole month -- such as the fact that while masturbation was allowed, sex was forbidden (bodies are carefully monitored). Rodney just sort of nodded. Sheila opened up her purse to show Rodney some tampons and explained how to use them; since he’d be in her body for a full month, using them would be a necessity. He just sort of shrugged. She was really having a hard time figuring this guy out. Why on Earth would he want to switch bodies with her? It’s not like it mattered; she got paid no matter what happened, and after her brief run down of rules and basic facts about her body, the swap would come in 5...4...3...2...1...

Get back (Part 1)

Kelly wasn’t really paying attention as she entered the taxi. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference even if she had been. The magic taxi really didn’t look any different than any other taxi, but the driver had his eyes on her from the moment he saw her. He had plans to take her body; after all, the taxi did have that power. He had been stuck in the body of the cabbie for far too long. Eugene had been fairly rich and successful before being swapped into this cab driver’s body. Gender wasn’t an issue for his choice; he just wanted someone that seemed rich. Kelly seemed to be the perfect target for swapping with--her clothes appeared to be expensive, and he could only guess she was rich. As the meter ticked away, he needed to take her just one more block, and her body would be his.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Amy had been best friends with Robyn since they were kids, and she had developed a crush on her best friend long ago. She had gotten extremely jealous when Robyn got a boyfriend, Max. In a way, she despised Max, but in reality, she wanted to be Max. Amy began researching magic on the internet, hoping to find a love spell to cast on Robyn. What she stumbled across was a body swap spell. It didn’t take her long to formulate a plan to switch bodies with Max. She cast it while Robyn and Max were hanging out. Max was shocked to find himself in Amy’s bleached blonde body, but it was Robyn who could instantly tell something wasn’t quite right with Max. He just wasn’t acting like himself -- of course, that was because Amy was now in Max’s body! Robyn couldn’t explain Max’s sudden turn in attitude and went to confide in her best friend. However, Robyn couldn’t help but notice Amy was acting off as well. Max was sure it would sound crazy, but he told Robyn who he really was, that he had somehow swapped bodies with Amy. Robyn knew it sounded unbelievable, but somehow she also knew it to be true. Somehow her boyfriend was now inside the body of her best friend. It didn’t matter whose body he had; she loved him. They kissed across the table and promised to love each other no matter what craziness came next.


Ever since he whistled at a woman passing by his construction site, Tony had been cursed. Each morning, he’d wake up in the body of some unknown woman; he’d feel compelled to wear some couture-style outfit, and he wouldn’t transform back into himself until he walked by a construction site. It felt humiliating. There were many times when he was tempted not to even bother transforming back, but he needed to get to work and make money. He couldn’t do it as a woman, and even if he did, showing up as one would likely simply result in the whistle to transform him back.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Horribly wrong

An experiment in the basement of the science building at the University had gone horribly wrong, resulting in an explosion. No one was hurt, but it had caused a strange body swap between two students: the nerdy Martin Klein and the popular Kelly Chow. Both were nervous at first, but the professors promised answers by tomorrow. When they arrived the next day, Kelly was disgusted by how Martin had dressed her body. He had made her look like a total geek. She nearly flipped out when the professors told her they wouldn’t be able to reverse the swap for at least a week. Martin was a bit more cool-headed. He took a deep breath and rubbed his temples. He couldn’t imagine the next week would be easy, but he was confident he could make it through.


When the Great Shift hit, Edward found himself in the body of a suburban housewife in southern California. He pretended that he wasn’t swapped; that he was always Nancy Smith. He puled it off pretty successfully, but he quickly regretted his decision. He thought staying at home every day with no responsibilities would be a breeze, but his husband expected a clean house and dinner made every day! It was a lot of work! And it was boring work too! It got worse. The Smiths were a newlywed couple, apparently trying very hard to have children. Before the Shift, the couple agreed to have sex every night, which would’ve been fine by Edward if Mr. Smith hadn’t been shifted into the body of a rather unattractive sixty year old man.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Familiar (Part 1)

For the entire cab ride, Marty had been trying to recognize his passenger. He had been struck by her beauty and had almost immediately decided he could use the magic taxi’s power to switch bodies with her. The only thing nagging him about doing so was the fact that she looked so darned familiar. By the time she got out, he still couldn’t place it. He reacted and initiated the swap. As the cab drove away, he realized how he recognized this woman. Hey boyfriend was quite famous. He had been on the news recently after reports got out about him abusing an ex. He shuddered; this would not be the type of a relationship he wanted to be in, but he had no idea how to break it off with that type of lunatic.