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Friday, January 17, 2014

Community Meeting

At the time, it seemed inexplicable. The four neighbors had all gathered for a community meeting when the Great Shift swapped their bodies.

Cheryl, who had swapped with Angelica, pulled out a paper and started drawing, “Here’s where we each were standing when we swapped bodies. Maybe if we stand there again...”

John stood up in protest, “Do you realize how stupid that sounds?”

“John, please be calm!” His wife Angelica pleaded.

“It’s easy for you to be calm! You switched with Cheryl. She’s a beautiful woman; you’re a beautiful woman -- what really chances? But look at me! I switched with that old Asian woman from 21! I was a man; I was young!”

Angelica rolled her eyes, “We’ve all seen your bald spot, John. And Lina is only a few years older than you. Yes, you are coping with a strange situation, but breaking into hysterics isn’t going to help any of us!”

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