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Monday, January 6, 2014

Clean Break

Kyle took cover behind a wall. He still couldn’t believe what was happening. There was some crazy guy randomly firing what looked like a toy ray gun, except it wasn’t a toy. It fired beams that swapped people’s bodies! It was causing complete confusion. Kyle didn’t realize what had happened at first. But once he did he tried his best to get away, which certainly wasn’t easy as he often ran quite a bit away before being hit by another beam and being swapped into a body right back into the center of it all. Before this break behind the wall, he hadn’t even had time to know what sort of body he had ended up in--he had been in at least a dozen so far. He looked down; he couldn’t believe he was a woman! It wasn’t ideal, and the short skirt and high heels were even less so. He guessed there was a possibility of being swapped back into his own body if he stuck around, but there was also a chance of being stuck in a much worse body. He was far enough away from the swapper now, he could make a clean break to escape the chaos.