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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Claw Machine

It had been almost three years since Gavin and Tracy had swapped bodies using the Medallion of Zulu and almost just as long since they had lost the strange piece of jewelry. For the most part, Gavin had tried to put it out of his mind and accept his new life as Tracy. It was truly by chance that he saw the sparkle in the claw machine that he was able to immediately identify. It was the Medallion, the cheap necklace seemed to mock him from inside the machine. He plunked all his change down in an attempt to win the Medallion, but he came up unsurprisingly short. He cursed as he went to a cashier to turn a twenty into more quarters, but in the short time he was gone, the Medallion had disappeared. He was sure he had kept one eye over here, and he hadn’t seen anyone else play. Maybe it got lost in the pile of stuffed animals somehow? He had been so close to finding it again! How did he let it slip through his fingers like that! He could’ve finally gotten back to his own body after three long years!

1 comment:

  1. Great Zulo story, That cursed Medallion is as slippery as ever