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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pink Gun

Marc had opened the unmarked box on his doorstep not knowing its contents. Inside was an odd pink gun with a note, explaining that it was some sort of body swapper. Curious, Marc aimed the gun out the window at a jogger. Suddenly, he saw his own body running down the street in a bathrobe, seemingly unaware of the swap. Meanwhile, Marc stood in his kitchen in the jogger’s female body clad in spandex with the pink gun still in his hands. He thought about switching back to his own body, but he hadn’t seen which way it ran. He shrugged; he had better plans anyway. He scoped a nice hiding spot outside his friend Amie’s house. The perky young Asian woman popped outside wearing a costume; she was heading to ComicCon today. Without hesitation, he fired the gun at Amie. Now in the body of the female jogger, Amie continued on her way without noticing she now had a completely different body. Marc, meanwhile, gave an evil grin. He was now in Amie’s body, and she didn’t even realize it. This gun was going to be fun!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this one, swapping guns are the best, especially when used on random people in the street :) Thanks for these great caps.