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Friday, January 24, 2014

Dealership (Part 1)

Greg had been working at the car dealership for a few years, but in recent months his sales had been dwindling. A few more weeks like this and he was sure he would be fired. That kind of worry only made it harder to make a sale. He knew he needed to just shake it off and be more aggressive.

On his life-changing morning, he was having a harder time than usual shaking his worry. Other salespeople grabbed customers so fast that he didn’t even get a chance to try to make a sale. It wasn’t until around noon when he saw an Asian woman dressed all in red leaning against a car. None of his co-workers had seemed to go after her, let alone notice her. He knew this sale would be his.

But as he walked over, she quickly glared at him. He froze in his tracks. He thought it was his nerves at first, but there was something almost supernatural about this. It felt like her gaze was now burning into him. He wanted to scream out in pain, but he was paralyzed. And just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, it went away. But he was suddenly now leaning against the car, wearing red. He had become the Asian woman! He looked back to see that his own body had completely disappeared.

“Excuse me, Miss,” One of the other salespeople asked, “How can I help you today.”

Greg didn’t know what to say, but he managed to blurt out, “I’m just looking. I’ll let you know if I need anything.”

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