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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Business (Part 2)

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Nancy had specified certain aspects of the dress that she had wanted Warren to wear while he was in Devin’s body. It should be short and black with pink heels and a wig. Warren bought all the items while still in Nancy’s body. After all, there was nothing suspicious about a woman purchasing such things. Also, since he used Nancy’s money, he wouldn’t have to bill her for the additional expenses later. He hid them near Devin’s house. He took a short break in his own body before switching with Devin and getting to work. Devin’s body looked quite silly in the dress, particularly with his five o’clock shadow. Warren briefly considered the fact that showing up on the trading floor like this might get Devin fired, but he shrugged it off. Most likely, he’d probably just get sent home for the day. Still, Devin would be hearing it from his co-workers for the rest of his life, and that was exactly what Nancy’s plan for revenge was. None of this bothered Warren. He was just doing this all to get paid.

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