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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It was painfully obvious to this Chris at this point that he had somehow screwed up the magic spell. Had he cast it properly, he would’ve swapped bodies with the store clerk. Instead, he messed up terribly and found himself trapped inside the body of one of the store’s mannequins up front. There was no way he could ever hope to reverse the spell -- he was completely frozen in place due to the fact that he was now stuck in an immobile plastic shell. What was weird was that he still seemed to have all his senses. He could still see out onto the street, where his former body now lay lifeless. He could still feel. He felt the satin glove on his hand; he also felt the cool air seeping in through the glass window of the store. It was a little too chilly for him, but there was little he could do to change the sleeveless pink dress he now wore. He could hear voices of people in the store, though he couldn’t turn around to see them. He began to wonder how he could do these things -- or even how he was able to think about any of this -- after all, he no longer had nerves or organs or even a brain in his head; he was now just a plastic mold, yet he was somehow still conscious.

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