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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Keith had been arguing with his wife Amber for months now. He was at his wits end and ready for a divorce, but before doing so he agreed to his wife’s suggestion to see a counselor. On the first session, the couple ended up engaging in some rather unique therapy; the counselor swapped the couple’s bodies. Keith was now in Amber’s body, and Amber was now in Keith’s. The first day of being swapped just made Keith more angry. He was furious at Amber for taking him to that quack. On the second day, he left the house and decided to stay at a hotel to avoid seeing her. He stewed alone for a few days before suddenly realizing how wrong he was. A massive wave of emotions overcame him. He wanted to apologize; he wanted to make things right. He went home, thinking Amber would still be there, but the house was not at home. He went to the car dealership where he worked, knowing all his co-workers would see him as his own wife. He greeted his old boss and asked, “Where’s Keith?”

The boss seemed puzzled, “He didn’t tell you? He quit four days ago. We haven’t seen him since. He didn’t even pick up his final paycheck.”

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