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Monday, January 13, 2014

SwapMe (Part 1)

When Aaron downloaded the SwapMe application onto his phone, he really had no idea what it did. In fact, he soon forgot he even had it on there, and he wouldn’t even open it until one day upon arriving at the office. A gorgeous woman stood in the lobby of the building; he wanted a picture. He quickly dug out his phone -- hoping he could snap a picture without being noticed -- but in his haste to take the pic, he ended up clicking the SwapMe app instead of his camera. After snapping the shot, he quickly put his phone to his side and ducked into the elevator up to his floor. His heart was still pounding a little bit; he had been afraid of getting yelled at by the woman or the building’s management. But he grinned as he realized he was too quick for that. As he was a little distracted by his own thoughts, he didn’t even notice the fact that his body was no longer own; he now had the body of the woman whose photo he had tried to take.