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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marketing, Sales, and R&D (Part 6)

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Before even getting the chance to sit down, Gavin got a call from a name he didn’t know.

He answered with a smile, “This is Eileen Liu.”

It was her boss calling a meeting to discuss some new products in development. Gavin got excited. Things were already starting off so well. He was sure this meeting would clue him in on things long before anyone else from the sales staff would catch wind of them. But then he started to think some more...why go back to sales at all? He was never any real good at it. Maybe he could just take Eileen’s position. He’d just have to do something to ditch the device...or maybe he could just return it to the R&D department. After all, she wouldn’t be able to check it out with his body, and he could simply refuse to do so. He was ready to start his new life in the marketing department! Now, off to that meeting!

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