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Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Up for Air (Part 2)

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Chris returned to the undersea depths the next day with much better equipment and with a bit of morale boost. After his diving the day before, he returned to the hotel room to find a romantic dinner set up on the balcony. His wife was finally apologizing for tossing out the medallion into the ocean. Chris blushed when he saw it, but told her it wasn’t necessary. She didn’t need to apologize; he had already forgiven her. He still wasn’t quite used to kissing and hugging his own body (even if it was his wife controlling that body), but he now got a feeling of safety and security from it that hadn’t experienced in the past few days. While he was still going to desperately search for the medallion for the next couple of days, he knew that if he had to be stuck in someone else’s body, he was glad it was the one that belonged to the woman he loved more than anything.

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