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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


“I know you don’t want to give me my body back,” James told Karen, “But some day, someone is going to notice something’s wrong. They’re going to figure out that it’s not really me in that body.”

“No one’s figured it out yet, not your wife, not your co-workers, not even your parents.” Karen replied.

James smiled as he tried to pull a trump card, “Well, all of your friends are certainly noticing something off!”

“Who cares? They aren’t my friends any more. I am living your life. Those are your friends now. If you want to alienate them by acting all strange, go ahead. You can even break it off with my boyfriend if you want to. I’m surprised you haven’t already.”

James was beginning to flounder. He couldn’t believe that Karen could just be so intent on stealing his life that she was willing to give up just about EVERYTHING from hers. There had to be a button he could still press to trick her into swapping back bodies.

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