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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It wasn’t what Yao was expecting at all. He had paid a lot of money to be smuggled overseas and into the United States with all the proper paperwork. He was told to arrive at a certain address at a certain time. It was a tiny building near the airport. The man he had paid was there, as well as a woman tied to a chair with a helmet on her head. He asked about the woman to which the man replied that she was Yao’s ticket out. He placed a similar looking helmet on Yao’s head and a jolt of electricity shot through him. The next thing Yao realized, he was the one tied up in the chair in the woman’s body! He struggled to get free, but the man told him to relax as he was untied. He explained the woman he was now was a flight attendant. A US citizen, but she could go just about anywhere with her passport. He also told Yao that there was no going back, this was his life now. Yao quietly reported to this woman’s job, knowing he was on his way to America, but also knowing that he cost this woman her life. He wanted out so bad, but was this the price he was willing to pay?

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