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Monday, March 3, 2014


Both Don and Tamera worked as bartenders at a pub. The two often had contests to see who could pull in more tips each night. With a casual sigh, one night Don told Tamera that he was surprised he ever won their little tip game. After all, everyone would always give more to a cute woman than a guy. She retorted back that men might get a higher tip for being (unfairly) more respected. After a quick back and forth, a strange old man came up to the pair and offered a way to prove their points. He gave each of them a small vial and told them to drink. They each shrugged before downing them and passing out. Don woke up the next morning, but it wasn’t in his own bed. He was at Tamera’s house...and weirder still, he found himself in her body. He quickly called up himself, and soon found out that they had indeed swapped bodies. Tamera told Don that it was truly a way to resolve their argument. Don wasted no time with his plan.

He arrived at the bar that night in Tamera’s body wearing a long trench coat. They set up and opened for business. By the end of happy hour, Don had made far less in tips. But then it started to get busy and Don let loose his secret weapon. He tore off the trench to reveal a gold bikini. Then he jumped up on the bar and started dancing. The tips started pouring in, and all Tamera could do was look onward with digust.

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