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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Day

Ralph was starting to get nervous. The night before his sister’s wedding, they had been messing around with a strange Medallion she had found. The damn thing ended up swapping their bodies. She explained the medallion certainly had a legend surrounding it, but she also never expected it to be true. If it was correct, they wouldn’t be able to swap back for twelve hours. That meant he’d be stuck in her body until right before the big ceremony. He groaned. He didn’t want to be stuck in his sister’s body at all, let alone on the day of her wedding.

He went through all the hair and makeup prep, but found a minute to be alone with his sister. That’s when they discovered she left the medallion back at their parents’ house. She told him to hold tight; she’d drive over and get it. He protested. Their parents house was an hour away. That meant he’d be the one walking down the aisle! She begged him to go through with it all, promising to be back in their own bodies by the reception.

Several hours passed, and his sister never returned. He was still stuck in her body as the reception ended and it was time for the bride to spend some time alone with her new husband. Ralph desperately looked around for his sister in his body, but she was nowhere to be found.

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  1. WOW Great story. I can't help wondering sis sheplanned it?