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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Good Plan

Tyler knew he was going to need a good plan. After all, he was going to be going up against a witch, a witch that could swap someone’s body! He had been a normal guy before he rubbed her the wrong way before she swapped his body with a fashion model. Now, he planned to get his body back. He scoped her out from a distance, making detailed plans. He needed to get the drop on her, trap her, and prevent her from using her magic. After all, if she could swap him into the body of someONE else, she probably could also swap him with someTHING else...that could easily be worse. He had done a great deal of research to find a way to shield him from her magic, but he needed to be close for it to be effective. That meant that he was going to have to sneak up on her. Once he could get close, he could bind her, and once he could bind her, he could force her to swap him back or else he’d refuse to let her go. The plan wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t have many options unless he wanted to keep this life.

1 comment:

  1. I think the danhers outway any benifit. There re worse lifes & bodies