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Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Used Often (Part 1)

Yesterday seemed like forever ago now for Frank. After all, it was just yesterday when he had been homeless, living on the street. He knew that he didn’t have to live on the street. With the magical body swapping power he could steal anyone’s life he wanted, but he had never felt moral about taking someone else’s body and life. Then again, that was before he decided to sleep in the alleyway behind a luxury condo. One of the building’s rich tenant woke him up by spitting in his face, informing him that she had called the cops. He looked at her, knowing she lacked all compassion and decided to initiate his power for the first time in ages. Suddenly, she was now the one in his homeless body, and he was in hers. “If you run away now, you’ll be far enough away by the time those cops you called get here,” He whispered.

And run she did, leaving Frank to her rich life -- at least for the time being. He was certainly enjoying how she lived thus far. She had a lush apartment in the condo, a membership at an expensive country club, and she didn’t even have to work! Frank enjoyed the time at the club with a nice game of tennis.

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  1. WOW! what a great story! PLS continue. Well set up so yu don't have compasion forthe girl.