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Monday, March 17, 2014


Several years ago Greg had come to the small village to help. He had hoped to bring food and medicine and much more to the people in the remote location. They didn’t receive him well. They told him that he was an outsider and that he couldn’t understand. He pressured, insisting that he only wanted to help. Eventually, an elderly couple took him aside. If he wanted to help, they had a way for him to blend in. Pulling out a barrage of trinkets and a red dress they explained their daughter had passed away several years ago at age 20. Through the use of magic, they could bring back her body but not her soul. However, Greg’s soul could inhabit her body and pick up life where she left off. Greg pushed back. He certainly didn’t believe in magic and even if he did, the idea of becoming a woman, this couple’s daughter, made him uncomfortable. The couple told him that if he really wanted to help, this would be the only way the other villagers would listen. They just didn’t trust any outsiders. And if he didn’t believe in magic, why did he have to fear by trying? He agreed and was almost instantly overwhelmed by a thick smoke. He awoke the next day wearing the red dress and sure enough was inside the body of the couple’s daughter.

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