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Friday, April 22, 2016

Act Your Age

As much as he tried to mentally prepare himself for what would happen on Exchange Island, Eric was still caught off guard when he got out of the plane and found himself swapped into the body of another guest. Part of what made it so jarring was the fact that he swapped with a gorgeous woman. It wasn’t exactly easy to adjust to being a new gender with a curvy body. Still, he was excited to be someone else for a week.

The first thing he did after checking in was changing into a swimsuit to hit up the resort’s pool. He couldn’t believe how fit this body was and how well it filled out the suit. Among the items he found in the woman’s suitcase was an ID. Eric became even more shocked to find that this woman was in her late 40s. She kept the body in incredible shape.

He may have tried to push that information to the back of his mind, it kept coming up as he strutted around the pool. He kept wanting to cover up just a little more, feeling like he was dressing too revealing for this body’s age. He may have tried to tug up the swimsuit to hide some cleavage, but it didn’t do any good. It was far too tight, and all the tugging in the world wouldn’t do much to re-adjust the way it fit or what it showed off.

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