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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Area (Part 2)

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It made sense that the city would quarantine these weird body swapping areas, but right about now, Henry was wishing they were a bit more accurate with their boundaries. Apparently, being close enough could trigger the magic of the area, and he ended up swapping bodies with a woman. Now he was going to have to go to work this?

He looked down at his body; he hadn’t even taken more than two steps, and this body was already distracting him. The way these hips swayed; the weight of this hair and these breasts; the breeze blowing up the short skirt.

Still, if he missed the meetings today, he’d be in big trouble. He had told his boss that he’d be in today no matter what. He guessed being stuck in a completely different body was still in the category of “no matter what.” He’d have to go in like this. Of course, it was going to be hard explaining this to any of his co-workers.

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