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Friday, April 1, 2016

Couldn't Wait

“You used the medallion while I was down at the pool, didn’t you?” Kelly asked her husband, Phil.

Phil knew there was no use trying to lie. It was obvious he used the medallion, considering he was standing there in an exact copy of his wife’s body. He had hoped just to try it, to see if it worked like he had heard. Of course, he had hoped to be able to transform back into his own body before she got back. He hadn’t planned on the twelve hour waiting period.

“Yeah,” He confessed, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait.”

“It’s okay. Maybe we should go back down to the pool together, and have some fun pretending to be twins? Or maybe I should use the medallion to turn myself into you? It might be fun to be the man in the relationship for a while, and, of course, I expect you would play the part as my doting wife until we switch back.”

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