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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Malcolm knew he shouldn’t have been in the building after hours, but he still never expected anything like this! Surely, even the best security systems couldn’t transform someone’s gender; there had to be some weird experiment taking place -- and Malcolm wanted to find it.

Malcolm tried looking at his new body for some clues. His clothes had changed along with his body. If it was a simple alteration to his DNA, wouldn’t his clothes stay the same? And spying his reflection in a window, he discovered that he wasn’t even the same race anymore. He was convinced it wasn’t so much a transformation as it was a body swap. But who was this woman that he swapped with? She didn’t exactly look like a scientist, so maybe she was some sort of volunteer? Perhaps even an unwilling one.

And if he hadn’t found himself in a different place, that meant this woman now had his body at wherever in this building they were doing the experiment, which meant they might be looking for him...

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