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Friday, April 15, 2016

Area (Part 1)

Henry was walking to work when he saw an area blocked off by the city. They had been sectioning more and more areas off for unexplained reasons. The rumors about these areas were nothing short of amazing. There was talk of magic happening in these places, unpredictable magic, but it all seemed too fantastic to believe. Even though he was running a little late, Henry didn’t want to take chances with this weird zone. He planned to walk around, but just as he turned around, he felt a jolt. He could immediately tell something was very different.

The rumors weren’t wrong. The areas apparently had some sort of body swapping magic. And it appears that the city hadn’t sectioned off quite enough space this time. Henry found himself swapping bodies with a woman on the other side of the blocked off section. The good news is that he was now significantly closer to work now; the bad news, he was sure this gorgeous body was going to be quite a distraction for him the rest of the way there. He wasn’t even sure he could go to work looking like this. How would he explain this to anyone?

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