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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What a Wedding

Katie couldn’t help but smile. It was such a weird day, but she was having fun. It started out with her getting ready for her wedding. The ceremony was perfect, but things got strange soon after. Just as the couple stood up for a toast, their heads fell off their necks and started rolling around the floor along with some of the guests. Those unaffected looked on and gasped as the headless bodies picked up random heads and placed them atop their necks. Katie was a little shocked when she found that she had her mother’s body from the neck down, and just as shocked to see that her own mother now had her young body. After getting over the initial shock, Katie just decided to have fun. Despite her age, Katie had to admit that her mom’s body didn’t feel sore nor uncomfortable; her mom had kept in pretty good shape. Thinking the odd phenomenon would repeat and everyone would return to normal eventually, Katie just decided to have fun with it. However, her new husband, whose head was now atop the body of the maid of honor, sat in the corner sulking. He didn’t like the thought of his bride now having the body of a much older woman, and he certainly didn’t like the fact that he now had the body of any female at all!

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