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Monday, April 18, 2016

No Lecture

It was a night of heavy drinking for the two old pals. They hadn’t seen each other in a while, but Matt unloaded all the reasons why. He had loved his wife when they married; she used to be so much fun. But now all she did was lecture and nag. Frank listened intently, formulating a plan in the back of his mind. By the time he stumbled home, it seemed like a very good idea. He searched for the incantation his grandmother had given to him and slurred it out before crashing.

Frank expected a hangover the next morning, but instead woke up feeling great. He looked around. He wasn’t in his own home but Matt’s instead. He had almost forgotten about casting the spell, but then he looked down to see the body of Matt’s wife, Chrissy. He showered and got dressed, so far loving every minute of being in Chrissy’s body. But then he realized Matt wasn’t there. Matt must not have come home after drinking last night. Frank was worried. Was he hurt? Was he cheating? He told himself that no matter what, he wasn’t going to lecture Matt when he finally arrived home.

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