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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fair and Square

Two days ago, John had received a phone call asking about negotiating prices for him to swap bodies with someone. John probably would’ve laughed it off, had the Great Shift not swapped the bodies of billions of people the week before, leaving John himself now in the body of a gorgeous woman. Now, he was sitting face-to-face with a square-jawed man in his 40s, who was wearing a very expensive suit.

“Nothing’s public yet,” The man explained, “But we have developed body swapping technology at my company.”

“And I’m guessing this body was yours before the Shift, and now you want it back?” John asked.

“Oh, heavens no! But we were in negotiation with Miss White before the Shift, and I had prepared to pay her three million dollars to swap with her. I do hope you will consider keeping her arrangement with me. You would be getting a fantastic deal, as this body I ended up in post-Shift is far better than my old 80 year old body that Miss White would’ve swapped with.”

“I happen to be quite fond of this body though,” John mused, “In fact, I’m not at all sure I want to go back to being a man at all...even for three million dollars.”

“Perhaps I can up the ante a little? Say, five million? You wouldn’t even have to end up in my body. There are countless men at my company now in the bodies of women who would want my current body...”

John cut him off, “Send me the photos of them. If I see any one I want, then we have a deal. If you don’t hear from me, then I’ll just be keeping this body...I did get it fair and square.”

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  1. Love your caps. Link to where you can find those pics? Especially woman in boots?