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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Secret Body Switching Machine (Part 1)

Loosely based on this story from

Daryl wasn’t exactly excited when his family moved to a farm in the remote countryside. But finding a weird bodyswitching machine in a barn out back made it a little more interesting. He got a little bored switching bodies with his best friend Zack, and he couldn’t convince anyone else to try it out.

Then one day, he discovered a woman standing in one of the farm’s fields. Amongst the chickens, she complained that her car had broken down nearby, and her cell phone didn’t seem to get any bars anywhere around here. Daryl smiled, realizing he might be able to trick her.

He said he could help, but he needed to get some parts. As he brought her to the barn, she told him about her life in the city. Daryl made as many mental notes as possible. He brought her in, and told her to sit down in one of the pods while he gathered everything. She waited patiently, as Daryl sat down in the other pod. His heart beat in anticipation as he activated the machine, excited to be swapping with someone who wasn’t Zack for the first time...

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  1. LOL Good story! Poor girl. I can't wait for more. Great pic