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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun (Part 2)

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At the store, Ron picked out a sleveless top and a short skirt. He decided it was cute but not slutty; perfect for the club he hit up next. He ordered a drink and pulled out Maddie’s purse. But the bartender insisted that the drink had already been paid for, then he pointed to some guys. Ron didn’t even glance; he was just feeling pretty good about getting a free drink. A few more later, and he was moving on the dance floor. He was sure this was the best night out that Maddie’s body had ever had; heck, he was starting to think this might be the best night he had ever had! He ended up staying out until 4am and was very drunk. After stumbling home, the alarm blaring in the morning was easily ignored. By the time he made his way into work, it was nearly noon. Maddie, in his body, was furious. Being late meant that they missed the swap back. They’d be stuck like this for another week now. Despite a pounding headache and a nasty hangover, Ron decided he was okay with that.

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