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Friday, April 29, 2016


The idea of losing one’s luggage on vacation is an expected risk of travel; the idea of losing one’s entire body on vacation must be an exclusive risk of returning from a trip to Exchange Island. Justin didn’t exactly have the best time at the resort. He had swapped with an 80-year-old man, and ended up spending a good chunk of time in bed. He was told he would swap back to his normal body on the return flight. But he was a little surprised as he kept rapidly swapping with quite a few passengers. He spent a few minutes as a young child, a heavyset Hispanic woman, and an Asian businessman. He even swore he was in the body of a stewardess for a moment before he finally seemed to settle in the body of a blonde woman wearing all black.

When he landed, it was explained to him. The woman with his body apparently missed the flight. Without his body on the flight, he was swapping crazily as everyone got back to their normal bodies, except for him, of course. Justin bounced around from body to body until he wound up in the only one available -- the woman who had his body. He guessed it wasn’t all bad; this was way better than the body he had while on the island, even if waiting in the airport wasn’t exactly a fun experience to have this body. As he waited for the next flight to come in, he got the bad news. The resort wasn’t sure they could do anything to get him back to his rightful body now that he was already on the main land; he might be stuck like this.

Justin sighed, “Great. Just great!”

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