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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It all still seemed pretty crazy. After an accident at work, Ron swapped bodies with Maddie, one of the accountants at the company. Any time Ron thought he had imagined the whole thing, he just looked in a mirror to remind himself. They weren’t the only ones affected, and the company promised to get everyone back to normal the next morning. Thankfully, that meant he only had one night trapped in her body. She seemed like such a prude with the way she dressed and her attitude. Then again, with him in control of her body for the night, she didn’t have to be. He had to admit that she was quite attractive. He would just have to show off her wild side by hitting up some clubs this evening. He might have to hit up a mall first. He wasn’t sure he could go wild wearing this frilly blouse or lame sweater. He was sure that ‘Maddie’ was going to have more fun tonight than she ever had in her life combined, she just would never know about it...

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