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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Turn Around

As soon as it happened, Craig turned around sharply in his seat. He was now staring right into what appeared to be his own face, but he knew the foreign chick in his class must’ve done this to him. What was her name? Ming? Ting? Ling? Something like that? He knew he should know; he had slept with her last week. His suspected this was her revenge for not calling her back, but swapping bodies still seemed like more like fantasy than reality.

As he sat there, still sort of dumbfounded and in shock, his former body spoke, “Hey, Anming, why do you got that dumb look on your face? And consider closing your legs, unless you plan on doing us all right here.”

Craig watched his former body laugh at that remark and slap the hands of some of his former friends. He wanted to say something, but he just felt himself turn red instead. Craig simply quietly turned around and decided to accept his new life as Anming. Maybe he could just keep a low profile until college was over...

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