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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Science (Part 3)

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Over the next few days, Anthony found that he had a pretty difficult time having Rachel’s body. After all, he was a skinny white guy trapped in the body of a sexy black woman. Plus, all of her clothes just felt so revealing. Considering she didn’t have a job, he tried to stay home and hide out as much as possible. Still, he did need to pick up items from the store from time to time. He sighed one night when he realized he was out of toilet paper. It was just a trip to the store, but he figured he should actually embrace the experiment and attempt to flaunt this body. He walked the street with a shirt that exposed his belly, tall boots, and leather shorts. He couldn’t even begin to describe what he felt. He wasn’t quite sure he liked it. It was that night that he decided he’d spend a bit of the money that the experiment was giving him to pay for some new clothes. He knew he wanted to save as much as possible, but he figured the expense would well be worth it.


  1. good story. I wonder if he ill get his body back?

  2. Just had a thought. I wonder if she visits him while they're in each other's body?