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Saturday, March 19, 2016


As he lied through his teeth to Mei by saying he knew nothing about how they swapped bodies, Peter was also doing everything in his power not to squeeze the breasts now on his chest. He often talked with his hands, and everytime they came close, he just wanted to give a little pinch, but he stopped himself. He knew that might give away that he was lying.

Mei looked at him with suspicion. Peter was a terrible liar, but she had always thought of him as just this really weird guy. She’d probably usually be able to tell that he was lying, but she was so concerned with that fact that there was a completely weird dude now inside of her body that she just kept chalking everything up to his weirdness with concern over how he was going to embarrass her or her reputation. Until she could clear her head a little, Peter was going to be able to keep lying.

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