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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Constructed (Part 2)

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Jason waited quietly until the couple stood up and made their exit. He still couldn’t believe that they had transformed into each other before his very eyes. When they were safely out of view, Jason took a step. But something was wrong, his balance was off and he couldn’t quite catch his footing. He began to fall, but he grabbed onto one of the poles of the scaffolding. That’s when the realization of his own change sunk in. Instead of the beat up sneakers that were once on his feet, he was wearing fancy high heels. In fact, his whole body was different. He had a skirt, long smooth legs, breasts, long hair...He was now a woman. He correctly guessed that he had somehow been close enough to be sucked into being a part of the couple’s spell, and he presumed that the body he now had once belonged to another woman who had been close enough as well. As if seeing the couple swap wasn’t strange enough, being swapped himself was even weirder!

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