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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Science (Part 2)

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Despite his disorientation, Anthony had walked quite a distance from the university, but he finally decided it was time to assess his situation. He decided to take an analytical approach to resolving his confusion. At first, he thought it was merely being in the body of a woman that threw him off, but there must’ve been something hard-wired in the body because nothing about being a woman felt strange to him. Was it the clothing? While he didn’t exactly feel comfortable, it was nothing he couldn’t deal with. Even though the heels pinched his feet, he couldn’t say that they were exactly jarring. Then he noted he was still wearing his glasses -- he must’ve picked them up and put them on as he headed out, by instinct. As such, the world looked strange; this body didn’t need them. He placed them in the purse he held and decided he would bring them back to the lab when he went in for a check-up. He also checked the name and address on the license in there -- he realized he had been walking aimlessly so far. This body’s name was Rachel, and she didn’t live too far away. Anthony was preparing for a very interesting summer...

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