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Monday, March 21, 2016


The first semester of college hadn’t exactly gone great for Eric. It wasn’t that classes were tough, it was the news coming from home. His parents got divorced during his first month away, and his dad had remarried before Eric’s first break back home. Then meeting his new stepmom was especially awkward. She was only a few years older than he was, and she had picked him up at the airport since his dad was away on a business trip. She complained a lot, saying the detour to pick him up was going to make her late for her yoga class. Eric just rolled his eyes, not wanting to interact with her at all.

As if that all wasn’t bad enough, it got worse when the car skidded off the road. The accident knocked him out temporarily, but he was quick to respond when he woke back up. He checked the car. It seemed mostly fine, and it should be able to back out without any problems. He didn’t feel injured, but there was of his stepmom. That is, until he noticed his reflection in the rearview mirror. His stepmom wasn’t missing; he had become her! He didn’t know if they somehoe merged into one person or if they swapped and she ran off somewhere with his body. All he could do was to try not to panic.

He thought about the best course of action, and that was to go on like everything was normal, which meant continuing on as his own stepmom. He realized he didn’t know much about her. The only thing he knew was about the yoga class she was going to go to, so he drove there. He headed in and changed into her workout clothes. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this. He couldn’t believe he was in her body either!

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