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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Face Swap App

It was all still pretty hard for Jack to believe. All he had done was download an app that would place his face onto pictures he downloaded from the internet. He spent hours giggling as he looked at his face on different bodies. Late one night, a strange notification appeared on his phone that he unlocked a special achievement in the app. The only thing different was a small button that now appears on one corner of the screen in the app. He laughed hard as he downloaded a new picture and saw his face on the body of a buxom woman with an ample rear end. Then he felt compelled to hit the button. The next thing he knew, his phone started to spark and everything went dark.

Light crept in the next morning, and Jack felt weird. His phone was clearly fried, but then he looked at his body. The app had somehow changed his actual body. Instead of getting a photo of his face on the woman’s body, he now actually had the woman’s body! He knew he couldn’t hide the feminine curves of this body, so he went about altering his face. He shaved; he applied a little makeup that an ex-girlfriend had left a long time ago, then he headed to the store. The first thing he bought was a new phone, with hopes of reversing the swap by re-downloading the app. The next place he went was to buy some clothing, just in case the app wouldn’t work again. He had to admit that he was sort of a bit curious about trying on clothes from the women’s section...

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